Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Reflections on actually meeting a bloggiste

I have had a most interesting and fabulous weekend! There wasn't the slightest trace of apprehension beforehand, and not even the daunting task of making room for an esteemed guest could diminish the excitement. I think because Ang gives so much of herself in what she writes, and because she is so generous of her time with emails, meeting her was like picking up a thread of conversation that had been but momentarily on hold!

At the start all was just so deeply, deeply interesting- being able to hear more, learn more, share more, laugh more. It is blogging at its pinnacle, I think, to move from a friendship that happens in sporadic episodes into a face to face encounter that joins the dots and fills the whole with colour.

Then it struck me! I was no longer composing little vignettes from a nearly fictionalised land. These were my real boys, this was my very real house, that was my altogether real and fallible cooking! And so I felt humbled, not in a negative way, but certainly the weekend gave me a new perspective on what I put down here in fraise.

So thank you, Angela Almond, for visiting us in the Land of the (sometimes as you now know tearful) Strawberries! Thak you for all that amazing treasure pouring forth from your suitcase for us! Thank you for the just as amazing treasure of words and encouragement and wisdom that poured forth on me! Thank you for letting me see us through your kind eyes! It is good to visit the edges of your land in safe company!


Pom Pom said...

Beautiful! I share your joy and I LOVED hearing about your sweet visit!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

It just makes me so happy that you two got to spend time together! Really lovely.

And now I await my surprise sausages, which I'm sure was the real purpose of Angela's visit. Really, you shouldn't have!

Still can't get over sausages in church. So it's true: Jesus does love you best.


Angela said...

There just isn't time or space on our blogs to share it all. It was a truly blessed time.

And somehow being TOGETHER made us feel as if the whole blogfriends group was just round the corner. We saw some lovely crayons, and said "Wouldn't PomPom enjoy these?" and frequently mentioned Frances and the 'S' word!! And we saw chic French gifts in shops and thought of our blogfriends in France...

Won't heaven be wonderful, when we all get together? And we will have eternity to catch up on things!

And Frances, I am sure that at the Great Bridal Feast, Jesus will have a special plate of you-know-whats just for you!!

Blessings xx

Floss said...

Lovely! How beautifully put. Having met Ang, Lorraine and other lovely bloggers in June, and two other really supportive French blogging friends previously, I do have a taste of what you're talking about. It's real!

mise said...

What, why hasn't she visited ME?!? But, seriously, it was clearly a lovely get together, and a fine subtle photograph.

Catherine said...

How wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely time with us. Just popping over to No Spring Chicken to see the willows. Much love Catherine x0x0x