Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Greatitudes 442 - 450

There is very muchly a lot to be thankful for this week. The Willows have arrived in Minnesota. They are snuggling in front of a wood fire drinking precious tea, when not out in ancient Willows, photos of which I find thrilling! Thank you, Lisa, for taking them so much to your heart!

My North American Geography is transformed by this Extremely Grand Tour! And I will post the Itinerary soon; I'm just so afraid of getting it wrong!

Our aeronautically clever Prince Charming informed us this week that the MTV A-Listers would have paid £30,000 per day for parking their private jets at the city's airports. Just one, very big, reason among other very big recession-beating reasons to be excited that such a big show came to such a small place! But we here in the Land of the (sometimes tearful)Strawberries have another visitor reason to be thankful...

On Friday VIV arrives, the Very Important Visitor for whom I may have to resort to doing some cleaning, tomorrow! Yes, we do actually really have Angela coming to stay in the Frozen North! Expect rainbows!

Cooking Catherine was drinking coffee here this afternoon (always something to thankful for at around four in the afternoon), and we were discussing this impending treat. And we marvelled at how bloggisme creates a very real community- of stimulation, encouragement, humour, thought, and ultimately friendship that would just never have been possible in any other way. This is very special, and thank you to all who share a part of their journey here in the shifting air of Broadband.

The reason why CC was here this afternoon comes down to the joyous fact that it's that time of year again. The one we all look forward to. The morning filled with meaning and laughs and food. This year's Preparing for Advent is just 17 sleeps away! (OH!) So, if anyone will be in the Greater Belfast area on Saturady 26th August, let me know and I shall email you an invitation- and that includes you, Lovely LE from the school gates- I haven't managed to see you yet! More delicious cooking with CC, another two Christmas crafts with this year's resident expert, and fraise, doing all the little bits inbetween!


Angela said...

26th AUGUST??!! Are you living in a different time zone? or have the chemicals from the bathroom cleaning fluids affected your brain?

sit down
have a cup of tea


see you soon!

magsmcc said...

Did I type August? Why did I type August?? Oh Angela, do you have any idea of the level of madness that awaits??? Let me just assure you, poor fated guest, that absolutely no bathroom cleaning products were harmed in the making of this post!

Betty The Wood Fairy said...

August! sounds like me last week starting work an hour too early without realising untl the boss told me! Just took a look at the WITW progress, interesting house move going on - where the whole house arrives intact on a trailer, couldn't do that in the UK with out narrow roads and roundabouts. Hope all goes well with your VIV

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Does Advent really start in nineteen days? I love Advent!

I can't wait to hear about your visit with Angela! I'm green with envy, for her and for you. What fun! Take pictures! And quit observing Advent in August--you'll hurt yourself!