Thursday, 14 April 2011

Strawberry alphabet soup

Alphabe-Thursday has been good fun. I'd heartily recommend the Round 3 which starts next Thursday. In fact, all week I've been wondering what on earth I'll have to post about now. My mind has disintegrated badly over the last little while and I feel utterly thought-less, thought-free, thought-poor!

The conclusion this week is to be whichever letter you like, but I used that cross-reference facility of Blogger and thought I'd compile my alphabe-profile! So here she is: strawberry mags...

Advertising Angst, Books, Contemplation of Conkers, Danger, Exploring and Emails, Favourite Films of Fortnight, Greatitudes, Hopeless Homework, Ideas, Joachim and Jesus, Last day of uniforms and nearly of Macarons, Barbara Pym, Roden Court, Salopettes, smiles, sticks and stomach cramps, (Tea), Uninvited and Unconnected, Vernal Green, Who else but St Patrick, X not marking rabbits, (Lost) Youth, Zarathustra.

Thank you, Jenny, and Goodnight!


Sue said...

Nice cross-section of subjects, there!


gabe said...

Ive been there lately in the thoughts-less zone...spacey to say the least!

Great idea for alphabet soup!

Anonymous said...

What a fun way to end this round of Alphabe-Thursday!


Pondside said...

Barbara Pym....oh yes!

GretchenJoanna said...

I love your blog! Even when I can't grasp *what* you are saying, I love your spirit. A blessed Holy Week to you, Dear Mags!

Jenny said...

Isn't it neat when you look back at the variety of posts?

This round I'm going to try to do all quotations...not sure how that will work out for certain letters, but I thought it would be a challenge!

Thanks for a wonderful wrap up to Round Two.

This was perfect Alphabet Soup!