Monday, 28 March 2011

A Pause in Lent

I think I've just made it! Cooking Catherine- click on the picture and it will take you to Floss' blog where all the Lenten Ladies are listed on the left. Cannot recommend a better hour's reading!

I'm back this week to my annual Lent reader- Delia's A Feast for Lent. I usually start well and tail off miserably towards the end, but I'm determined this year that, having started miserably, I might make it to the end!

Her theme for Week 3 is Listening: not hardening your heart, but letting the deep call to deep. I was muchly delighted to read this yesterday. I feel that most of my prayer revolves around the present crisis, at home or outside the strawberry bed. Last year my Lent journal recorded a frankly amazing voyage from my original key words of anger and anxiety to the promise of joy and peace.

I knew this year that I had nothing but thanks to offer in the desert. (And one major prayer that will be shared when the time is soon right!) I had thought that I would love to hear God speak, just to hear Him speak. Not with any agenda of my own. And the title for today's reading: God speaks! Ha ha!

Today's final meditation: My soul is waiting for the Lord/ I count on his word...


Amy Danielle said...

I just love it when God does that. :) And, as to sticking with it- you. can. do. it! Cheering for you, sweet sister! xo

Floss said...

'Listening' is a very important theme for me this year too. Thanks very much for your comment, and for explaining a bit in this post. I have a (possibly surprising) sense of peace and of God being in control through our whirling problems at the moment (I've only shared some of them, as others are private to other members of my family). I feel as though God is showing me one step at a time how he wants me to handle things, and that I don't need to see further than that. Most unusual for me. Of course I do wonder if I'm nuts at other times!!! But actually I do feel, for once, that God is in control.

Angela said...

I am just so conscious of these twin themes of 'Listening', and 'God is Sovereign' which are coming through so many of theser Lenten Pauses.

I am also aware that many of us have private 'issues' we cannot at the moment blog about - but so grateful that we have faithful friends who are praying for us, who acknowledge that whilst they are 'ignorant of details', God knows all about it.

And yes, like Floss, I occasionally wonder if I am nuts - but rejoice that He can even work through, [and depsite] nutcases such as we!

blessings xx

UKZoe said...

I did have a copy of that book once but have no idea what happened to it.