Monday, 7 March 2011

Greatitudes 346 - 361

It's all decidedly weather beaten in the garden this Spring, after so much snow and ice, I imagine. But the sun shone hot and bright all day here and toasted me as I sat with tea and muffins in between bouts of housework.

I even managed to rouse myself to pull out lots of dead leaves and stalks from the strawberry bed, our own little allegory of life! Apparently, according to a gardening column about three weeks ago, I should have had potash in down already. Hmm. But new shoots here and even in the rhubarb bed encourage me to look forward to Lent with great expectation. To pray with great expectation.

Fergal Keane. I think The Story of Ireland is only running on BBC Northern Ireland, following its earlier debut on RTE 1, so maybe you haven't been entranced by the melodic voice and balanced thoughts of this truly impressive piece of accessible journalism. Mattman sits up to watch it with me on Sunday evenings. So we sit huddled together on the green sofa and discuss in swift nuggets the unfolding events.

We try to talk to the suns about anything and everything in as much detail as we think they can process, but we have been fairly silent on the elephant in the society that is ours. So praise be indeed for last night's episode on the C18th. Recounted firmly from a perspective of Revolution, and featuring large and gorgeously the role of the Presbyterians in the United Irishmen, what a joy to be able to explore your history through this, instead of wading through the bigoted side-taking that we had to find a way through as we worked out what questions we could ask, when and of whom.

These are undoubtedly sunnier times in the frozen North and I am glad to be talking to my children now, and not then.

ps I told PC to pick a number between 1 and 9, so he picked 3. And Pom Pom's was the third comment last Monday, so Pom Pom: You Are Special!


Angela said...

I LOVE Fergal Keane's voice! Have you read "Letter To Daniel - despatches from the heart" ?? brilliant, brilliant writing

blessings xx

ps glad you like my haircut!

Pom Pom said...

Woo hoo! Now I get it! I'm special! Yahoo! PC is a good picker!
Oh, you are so wise to speak with the strawberries about all things important. We did the same. I'm not one bit sorry. High minded conversations = brilliant and caring young people!

Catherine said...

Hello dear one..yes "bouts" of housework are definitely the way to go! Thank you for your message today..your comments are much appreciated. I had to smile when I popped that particular post on to the "Rise up Christchurch" page on facebook & as often happens, random text is presented with the link...your comments were first up..just perfect! Enjoy your emergent spring! We have late season golden queen peaches, passionfruit & figs here in our early autumn just now, oh, & a few strawberries ; ) Blow better go & do a bout..of vacuuming. Much love Catherine x