Monday, 23 August 2010

Greatitudes 251-262

PC and I decided that going to buy pencils, sharpeners and rubbers with the suns did constitute a return to the rut! So in a determination to be positive about routine, I'm remembering to be grateful on Mondays.

Cooking Catherine and Fred. Ten reasons to be grateful for Catherine and Fred! Despite the fact that their family and friends together form a formidable group of the great and the good, they always invite us to celebrations as well! This graciousness is actually an intrinsic part of their living, moving and having their being because they do, as the Quaker saying goes, let their life speak. Their door is always open and we frequently walk through for coffee and comfort, even when ostensibly there for piano lessons with the wonderful Rowan III. The wonderful Peter IV always seems to materialise from nowhere to do trampoline supervision, proving that well-bred teenage boys are perfectly capable of leaving technology behind at a moment's notice. And not to leave out the first borns, Patrick I and Thomas II blow any theory of teenage boys who only grunt out of the ocean.

They are among the most interesting people I have met. Without Catherine's book recommendations I would not have spent one whole night this summer reading, and would never have read Anne Tyler. She is also the woman behind Faredo's. Fred is a minister who writes and communities and knows.

This summer they have been married for twenty-five years. Inspiration!


Pom Pom said...

Oh, I love that beach fire! I wish I could smell it. And Anne Tyler. LOVE.

UKZoe said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog.
Believe me I don't RUN and type when on the treadmill. A 3.5km per hour walk is the most I can manage and still type legibly!

The Coffee Lady said...

Oooh, Anne Tyler. Which one?

magsmcc said...

Coffee lady, I still can't get your comments to let me in, so maybe you'll never know that I loved Patchwork planet, didn't like Amateur Marriage and am ambivalent towards Digging to America!