Monday, 2 November 2009

holy experience

51. A Reading Specialist who will come to your house, play "reading games" with your child, and pronounce him to be at a perfectly acceptable level.
52. A husband who nonetheless knows how absolutely essential it is that he be by your side for the parent-teacher interviews on Thursday.
53. A little house in the Mournes for a stormy Hallowe'en weekend with no homeworks to be done.
54. A whole week of no homeworks to be done, no uniforms to be washed, and no morning panic other than deciding what to put on the tray for breakfeast in bed!
55. A truly fabulous pumpkin party last night, with truly fabulous friends.
56. The privilege of having been designed and formed to be Mags and men, Psalm 16:5-6.
57. An October that, in being only hard, was better than the month before.
58. A Youth Co-ordinator who will listen to your cry, and set you back on the path.
59. My mother, and her little bags.
60. The knowledge of the saints who cheer.


alice c said...

Breakfeast!! What a great idea - I think that I will adopt it for Special Treat Days.

mise said...

Reading specialists. What perils lie ahead of me in motherhood. Is there some sort of a deterrent you can buy that makes a high-pitched beep?

magsmcc said...

You don't need to buy it, Mise. It comes free with high-pitched beep or whine depending on the setting. Just tell a five-year old sun on only his second day of being in school until two o'clock that yes, he really is walking all the way home, in the rain!