Monday, 25 December 2017

Third, fourth and Merry Christmas!

 We're having a relatively balmy Christmas this week, as opposed to just a while ago when these pictures were taken! How we loved our first heavy snowfall in this house. Earth really did stand hard as iron after a two day freeze, and the snowman stood as high as the boys for quite some time after.
 A prayer from one of my reflections last week said, "Pour down, oh heavens, from above, and let the skies rain down righteousness." I smiled as I listened, and replaced rain with snow- let the skies snow down righteousness. This struck me as beautifully apt, standing only because I know that God sees me clothed in Jesus, as bright and shining as my muddy garden clothed in pure snow.
This morning I was reading the end of Romans 16, marvelling at a terrestrial night when the celestial mystery of Jesus could break through. Merry Christmas, bloggistes, and a mysterious one too x


ellen b said...

I'm looking out at snow covering our deck and yard and the streets around us and I like being reminded by your of being clothed in Jesus, white as snow. It was a Christmas surprise for sure since I think the last white Christmas we had was in 2008. Trust you had a wonderful Christmas.

M.K. said...

Now we have the quiet of after-Christmas, which I also love. Family is still visiting, but we are lounging, resting, going slowly, eating leftovers, reading. May the rest of your Christmastime be quiet and satisfying too.

Lisa Richards said...

Hope you all had a blessed Christmas! All of God's best to you in the new year! I really treasure you, and all of my blogging friends! ((HUGS))