Sunday, 19 February 2017

And this was half-term!

We started in the wilds of County Down for two days. Jo has reached that part of Year 8 History where he learns about the Norman conquest of Ireland, and then looks at Norman castles. Well, we are not short of Norman castles here in Ulster, or indeed of the clear remains of original motte and bailey structures, so there was lots of mound scrambling! Then we had swimming, and climbing, and more hill-walking, and friends sleeping over, and going off to friends' houses, and walking down to church tonight with friends- by themselves, in the dark! I am reeling from it all. Although there was shelter for me in mounds of my own, of the laundry variety!

After church this morning I laughed in horror at the words of the father of two of our boys' friends. A colleague of his is, like us, the parent of a teenage boy. His take on the whole experience is that teenage boys are like dogs. You need to feed them regularly, exercise them with sticks and balls, and clean them out every now and then. I did laugh at the sticks bit. My two are obsessed with sticks and still have not forgiven me for not bringing their long-won and much prized collection from our last house. (We moved nearly exactly three years ago...) So this week they have remedied this lamentable situation. Prince Charming drew the line only at sticks that were clearly not going to fit in the boot of the car. The rest of the colleague's philosophy does also ring true for me at this stage of strawberry development!

And so back to routine tomorrow for another blast of school term. The boys' routine is well-established. Mine is not at all! I have done two weeks in my new spot, and am decided after a week's reflection to be very disciplined about how I use my time for the next few months. I'm teaching on Thursdays and Fridays until the end of May, and need to use lots of time revising my Latin, and sorting lessons that I want to teach! That and housework should keep me far, far away from on-line time-wasting, surely?

I do also need too to be more disciplined spiritually. I'm thinking of starting Lent early. Tomorrow, in fact! Have a great week, Blogland. Expect a timorous knock on the porch for a cup of tea and a quick moment between Concentrated Efforts!


ellen b said...

I've been considering Lent already and setting something aside. Looks like you got some good exercise over half term.

GretchenJoanna said...

That sounds like a very refreshing and energizing break from school - at least for some of your family. I don't know about finding comfort in laundry.... well, yes, I DO know, but that doesn't really sound like You.

I'm glad that you can see your busy time between now and May providing some renewal via Lent. Otherwise, your pace of life makes me tired from afar. God bless you, Dear!

Pom Pom said...

How fun you are! Sticks. That's cute!
I'm looking forward to Lent. I'm going to think about it now.
Your brain will get all kinds of inspiring exercise as you plan and prepare! God be with you, dearest.

Sandra @ Thistle Cove Farm said...

Mags, I've just read a fiction novel, The King's Deception, by Steve Barry about a cover-up where Queen Eliz I was a man and not a woman. A primary point about why it matters is the generational old Troubles, No. Ireland, Republic of Ireland, etc. It was fascinating! He and Elizabeth, his wife, have a not for profit, History Matters to assist communities with preservation and restoration because...history matters.
In the few spare seconds you have, you might enjoy reading The King's Deception or Tudor Plot or any of his books.
Looks like Mags and Men had a great time...should I send sticks?

Mise said...

I just want to stand up for sticks that do not fit in the boot of the car, which I feel have the same rights and intrinsic artistic merit as other sticks. Kettle's on for your timorous pop!

Lisa Richards said...

Love the inscription on the boulder! It looks like a lot of fun exploring was done. Your boys sound very boyish! :)

Fat Dormouse said...

Can I - as always! - encourage you to consider 40 Acts for Lent. Good to read about your half terem. I always love reading your blog.
I also want to thank you for introducing me to Rend Collective so long ago. I contacted them, asking if they would help me with 40 Acts, and the upshot is they are going to give me 10 free CDs to give to people plus others at reduced rate. How generous is that?!
I'm planning on blogging my 40 Acts journey. I hope you might pop in....

M.K. said...

Hi, Mags -- I'm quite late in blog reading, as you see :) And you haven't posted in nearly a month, girl!! Sorry you've been sick, but it sounds like you have a good teaching schedule going at 2 days a week. Your boys are "growing like weeds," as they say.