Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Advent Ending

My Advent began with a huge sense of expectation. What did I want God to do for me? Do for me this Advent? That turned into a greater sense of chastising challenge when the nothing transpired within the usual time-frame from an application that I had made. Was God my Father Christmas to deliver a list? I could only offer myself, like Mary, as a servant. Still believing that nothing is impossible for God, but thinking not this time. Then mid-week mid-Advent, an email came, followed by an interview, following by an offer.So, my Advent ending is a happy one, full of wonder that actually God heard the deepest desire of my heart, and blessed me.

This is Prince Charming's favourite Christmas song to sing, and he does sing it beautifully. There is a short burst of him on farcebook! (His band is called North.) I have been crocheting a snowflake for every day in December: some I give away, some I use on present wrapping, the rest are yarnbombing my Jacob's ladder- shall try to get it looking respectable enough to post! Snow is a bit of a theme- all wishful thinking thus far, with crisp frost giving way to cold rain this afternoon!

Meanwhile- may your Advent ending be a happy one, full of wonder and blessing.


Pom Pom said...

Yay! A new job? God be with you, good Mags.

ellen b said...

How wonderful that your desire was granted. I'm a real fan of Chris Tomlin and his worship cds. Merry Christmas!

Angela said...

Can't find PC singing must be looking in wrong place. The stars are so cool. My crochet has fallen into neglect of late. God bless you all through this special and blessed time of the year xx

Kezzie said...

That song is utterly beautiful!!!
YYAAAAAAAY, so good about the job! God is good! He made you wait a bit longer so you would really know!!!

Lisa Richards said...

Hallelujah for the answer to prayer! A blessed Christmas to you and your household! :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

beautiful song, so glad prayers were answered! crochet stars pretty, offer is accepted...yes?
trying to find PC's short burst...please help.
Merry Christmas, Mags, to you and your men.
love and prayers from the farm.

M.K. said...

I like your snowflakes! I'm glad for your answer to prayer in Advent - do tell more! I'm kinda in the dark. New job?