Sunday, 27 November 2016

The Adventure begins

You might know that every year a few of us organise a Preparing for Advent morning about now. Some craft, some cookery, some reflections- space really, to raise your altar before the madness begins.
Well, this year we are all just a bit wrecked for lots of different reasons, good and bad. The plan was to take a break completely, but the wonderful Catherine, about whom I often eulogise, decided, "Let's make Christmas wreaths. In your house."
So, we did! Just a very few of us. With very little preparation on my part. Actually no preparation on my part. Catherine brought fabulous cinnamon buns, Rosemary brought fabulous poetry, and everyone brought boughs and berries and great generosity of spirit.
It was lovely. Marking the start of the season ready to light the light as each week passes, and the road to Bethlehem winds on.
My Jo nipped in after his two hour revision session with Prince Charming in the room next door. He is my creative guru. These are our Advent wreaths.
I cannot tell you how it pleased my heart when he not only wore Catherine's wreath on demand, but also knew that he looked just like the Ghost of Christmas Present- and he is even wearing that jolly man's green! That tiny baby in the photo behind him is him, nearly exactly twelve years ago.
Jo's sweatshirt says "Adventure begins", and I thought how very appropriate. In the midst of all the stresses and strains to catch the joy in the journey that opens up now. In October I was floored by the last question on our church's retreat day:
I feel today, at the start of this Advent that I will raise Ebenezers this year, remembering all that God has done for me, all that He has done for me, and be bold enough to ask Him for what I want him to do for me again.


ellen b said...

This would be a great tradition to start in our family. Growing up we did not light candles on Advent Sundays. It wasn't until a few years ago that I read up on the tradition. I'm glad you all got together and enjoyed this time. Your Jo is a cutie. I'm going to read Mark 10 now and think about what I will ask God to do for me...
Blessings in the season of Advent to you and yours.

GretchenJoanna said...

A Blessed Advent to you, Mags. <3

I love the picture of Jo!

Angela said...

What a lovely day you all had. I have added your blog to the P in A list!

Lisa Richards said...

So much joy in your faces! Good fellowship is a wonderful thing. :)

Nearly Martha said...

Holding on to the idea of Advent as the beginning of an Adventure is brilliant I think.

Kezzie said...

That is such a lovely thing to have done!!! Beautiful wreath and how lovely of your son to don is so willingly!!!

M.K. said...

Mags, what a beautiful post! I know what it feels like to be wiped out by the daily grind and have little left to give to a month of Advent observation. But as you so eloquently remind us, the road to Bethlehem winds on ... regardless. We must tread that road, and it's so good for us to do it. The greens are gorgeous, as is your boy :) Maybe you've inspired me to clip some greens myself for my table this year.