Sunday, 22 November 2015


 Look at the height of those suns. That's my eye level looking mostly at their eye level. 'Twill soon be Mags in the Land of the Giants as oft I have feared. I realise that you're not looking at their eyes, and that indeed you are looking deliberately at the back of those precious heads. Soon they will be old enough to smear themselves all over the Sinternet, but until then their story is (mostly) safe with me.
Today we were by some stroke of divine humour actually stirring up on Stir Up Sunday. In went the wishes. They were very long wishes. That's a worry! My position for much of today's baking was actually on that there stool in the top corner, with my cup of tea. After the Christmas Cake (not Pudding) was safely concocted Jo made his first entirely single-handed cake. And very fine cake it is too. I sat on that there stool in the corner with my cup of tea and thought things. Mostly to do with boys who get bigger.

Ang at Tracing Rainbows is, as you all know, running another wonderful year of Pause in Advent, when so many wise women of the east, west, north and south of wherever ponder all sorts of things in their hearts. I love Advent!


Hard up Hester said...

My DGS started in year 7 in September, he was just up to my shoulder, yesterday we noticed that he is as tall as me now.

Pom Pom said...

I love it, too! Yay for more pauses.
The suns are looking so handsome and soon you WILL be tiny little mama amongst the tall people.
Now I need a cuppa.

Lisa Richards said...

Those kids do tend to keep getting taller! Will they be as tall as their dad? Oh my! Enjoy your Pause in Advent. I will watch from the sidelines since I have a very poor record of following through on it. :( But I will try to ponder things in my heart. :)

Angela said...

Lisa - PinA is for readers as well as writers- so please do follow from the sidelines. There are always more in the crowd than players on the pitch, but we hope all will have a blessed tim, whatever their level of involvement - Ang xx