Thursday, 23 April 2015

Views and eggs

 I've invented a new colour. It's Meadowplace Blue. It's the wide, uninterrupted blue of the sky over our heads when the weather is glorious and you feel you shall never again wear more than two layers. It's the blue you get when you're not even wearing socks.
Yes, I did neglect to remove the laundry draped over every possible outdoor surface. Although you feel you shall never again wear more than two layers or need to dry clothes anywhere but outside, a small voice whispers that this could nonetheless be an opportunity not to be missed.
 We continue to struggle with illness in this house. It definitely gets better as Spring takes firm hold, but a dose more vigour would not go amiss. Great encouragement to the morale arrived on Monday night with Cooking Catherine and two great goose eggs. Never before has such a sight been seen in our little lives. Our meadow-dwelling must surely be complete?
 Number one went the way of all eggs, well most eggs, well, most eggs in this house, except for baking. Egg A got into some hot water tonight. I kept waiting for it to jump up in true Gingerbread Man fashion and rush out to have adventures through the fields with the goats, the chickens and a ubiquitous fox.
But it didn't. The white of a goose egg is very different: discuss. The white shell is incredibly white, much tougher and held on by a significantly thicker layer of membrane? Then the cooked white was much thinner around the yolk, I found. Taste-wise, no remarkable difference. Except that it was lovely, and very, very yellow at its core.

What should we do with Egg B? Unless it decides sit on a wall...


Angela said...

You could make fun of Egg B and crack yolks about it!

gretchenjoanna said...

Angela is funny -
I'm so happy you are getting that blue sky and springtime, and I hope it facilitates a quick recovery for everyone!

Mise said...

Your garden is looking mightily well. Flowers, etc.

Lisa Richards said...

Scramble it! :)
I mean, how can you use it for baking if you don't know how many regular eggs it equals? :/
Poke a hole in it and blow the innards out so you can save the shell to make something pretty.
Enough of my suggestions!

Goose eggs are spectacular. I love the idea of it running off into the countryside to have an adventure!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Mags, always take advantage of the sun because it's not going to shine always. Your new to you home is so wonderful; cannot wait to visit. It looks like a huge amount of green, living space with different areas for living, playing, eating. It's simply beautiful!
(Angela's comment is funny!)

M.K. said...

A very deep orange yolk. I rarely get goose eggs -- you're lucky! I can tell SO much that you truly love your garden, and it gives you joy. Glad you have that piece of earth :)

Gill - That British Woman said...

look at the colour of that yolk, just makes my mouth water looking at it. I now want boiled eggs and soldiers!!!