Thursday, 12 March 2015

Some views, of small pleasures

 Goodness, is that another week nearly done? It's been  fair to medium on our Richter scale here. Lots of bright blue days with some tangible heat from the sun. I pathetically can't remember which day was so lovely and so mellow that I was struck by many small pleasures, but here are some them! Below is my private nut cupboard.
 Our friend whose painting has taken off recently gave us one which he said wasn't very good. I'm delighted that he doesn't like it because we most certainly do! It's a view of the tiny "village" of Portbradden which nestles in a corner at the foot of the North Coast's cliffs. If you scramble round the rocks at low tide you come to the sweeping sands of White Park Bay. We have atmospheric photos of the boys playing cricket in fading evening light below those same cliffs, and stayed one weekend with my parents in the end cottage of the fishermen's terrace.
 This week has been a week of finally putting things on walls. Goaded by the fact that we have been here very nearly one whole year, we resolved not to argue over what went where, but just to do it. So we did. Mostly.
 In the process I found a little stand that now holds Mattman's art leaf. I didn't find any batteries for the clock. It worked when we got it. It was an engagement present in 1997....
 The landing avec tableaux. It makes quite a difference! The place feels much more like home. We should have made more of an effort before this. "We" probably should have made more of an effort to put "our" dressing gown away as well.
 So to today's view. Rainy, grey and cold. I was reading Dormouse's blog this week and she described March as a false lover. That's definitely an Irish March.
And here are definitely some Irish musicians: two harpists and a guy on pipes. In a pub. In the city centre. Yes, I was out last night- midweek on a school night on my own! Well, not really on my own , but with a friend. The storytelling session we wanted to hear was all full up so we went to a bar I've been longing to see for ages.
It's in one of Belfast's old, old warehouses and when you walk past all you can see is a scaffold of old, old beams going up three floors. We were pleasantly surprised to find at the back a very cosy room with open peat fire and sofas right beside the harps and pipes.
The Dirty Onion. Oh go. It is a delight. And when we tried again we managed to slip into the storytelling session across the road as well.


Angela said...

LOVE that picture!! and the leaf [well done Mattman]
Large landings are a joy - I am just getting to grips with mine

Gill - That British Woman said...

great photos there.

Kezzie said...

I love the beams! That place looks exciting!! Well done on putting stuff to in your house!! We are not so good at that.x

Pom Pom said...

I love both pieces of fine art! Wow! Mattman is GOOD! How nice to have a nice hygge evening with your friend!
I'm sorry that March is doing the grey dance in your land. Boo.
Sending love to you, Mags.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I love your friend's painting! And I enjoyed looking at the many views of your abode. We have lived in our house almost 8 years now and there's still so much we haven't done. The curtains in my bathroom, the ugly, beige curtains that were there the day we moved in? Still there. It would take me thirty minutes to make new ones. Maybe your friend could send me a painting and I'll replace the old curtains with that.

How old are you boys? Shall I send them some of my books? Email me at

I've decided to come to Belfast one day. Just warning you.


M.K. said...

Adam always says that women are the civilizing influence because we are the ones who put pictures on the walls. It's true -- when the art is on the walls, it feels like home!
So glad you got out for an evening. Sounds very relaxing and fun! I hope you get more bright sunshine soon, Mags. We all need some Vit. D.

M.K. said...

Oh -- meant to add that Matt's art leaf is very good. I think you'll enjoy its beauty for many years. Good for him!

gretchenjoanna said...

I like that painting, too! And the views of and from your house generally. Love...

Lisa Richards said...

Love all the small pleasures around your home. I would adore some Irish music about now. Especially tinwhistle and fiddle! :) Stay warm and dry.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

would have LOVED to hear the music...and am sorry you didn't get to either. the pub sounds delightful...would LOVE to go to a pub...but drink Kilt Flasher from my fridge. the cross reminds me of the photo at Cliffs of Moher...of the woman kissing the cross, it always brings me to tears, even now as I remember.
dressing gown...mine is from the 1940's and is it! I look like someone's Granny when I wear it but am warrrrmmmmm so don't much care.
good still ashamed I brought chocolate to the boys. ouch.