Friday, 6 December 2013

The wise man

The strawberries have only just gone to sleep. I let them stay up late tonight to watch BBC1's documentary on Mandela. They did well. They were educated last Christmas in the politics of protest by the nightmare flag situation here in Northern Ireland. The days and nights of questions and ensuing discussion seem to have produced two boys who understand what it is to be so angry that you take to the streets, and who may have their own ideas on the line between peaceful and violent. Admittedly, they're more likely to have those of their parents. I'm hoping I wasn't the only Northern Irish parent watching, and talking, with young men.

When we finally made it upstairs to be bed we still had tonight's chapter of A Christmas Mystery to read. We all caught the perfection of the introduction of Caspar into the story on the very day when they had heard of Mandela's death. (They were in bed last night when we heard.) This is what we read,

"You see, at the moment I am the only black man in the whole of Denmark, at least the only one who is a King of the Orient besides. That sort of thing attracts attention, my friends, for people find it difficult to get used to something completely different."


Pom Pom said...

We watched the news and the tributes to Mandela today. The kids didn't really understand (sad) but I hope they might "get it" someday.

Kezzie said...

and how appropriate Caspar's comment is here. God bless Mandela x

Betty said...

It must be difficult to bring up a family in a place where there is a divide, and to answer questions without bias but I don't doubt you do it well. We don't discuss politics with our sons often because, lucky for us, we live in a place where there is little conflict close to home - and take it for granted, we are cushioned and protected here and I am grateful.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Mags, it's so strange (for me) trying to understand the Irish troubles...and in the name of God who must be so incredibly sad at how we've misconstrued His Word.
If the South had won the War Between the States, would we have ensuing troubles between South and North? And in the name of God?
I think satan likes anything that gets our eyes off Eternity.