Thursday, 7 November 2013

View from my keyboard

Sorry, Jane. I could have had a spectacular view of Belfast Lough under cold, fabulous winter skies today. Or a possibly last golden views of the most resilient autumn foliage outside. And one of these days I'll charge my little camera to have a spectacular view of Cave Hill from my new place of work.  But here it is. The dining room, again! Complete with laundry, vestiges of dinner, and an aspirational monument to ironing in the corner. Installation art, I like to think of it as.

Today I:

Got up, got boys out, got out. I'm getting better at this in week two of being back at work. I've got to Thursday before crying at the cold, dark monotony of getting out of bed early EVERY day. I know. Pathetic.

Went to work. Worked. Good grief, did I work today.

Came home from work to my glorious big son.

Took him with me to collect my glorious smaller son who been eco-clubbing in the school garden. Sounds like an environmentally-friendly version of going out and having a blast. They were out. And he did have a blast.

We went to the least swish of our three four Loughside cafes and watched dusk come down over Belfast Lough with a little plane bound for the airport.

When it was time to go to the solicitor's we walked through the cold village and Jo managed not to be knocked down.

I signed a very important legal document, and came one step further to being/having Power of Attorney along with my brother.

Got home to find my brother on the doorstep, and we had a needed debrief on being/having Power of Attorney. (I did bring him in off the doorstep.)

Made dinner whilst conducting a long telephone/text/facebook exchange with my friend and mother of my children's friends who keeps me sane in the realm of homeworks, preparations, and all things needing to be done that I may not be at all aware of.

Ate dinner with Prince Charming, allowing the boys to eat in the other room because they could NOT miss this episode of Scooby Doo Something. I know. Pathetic.

Left PC struggling manfully with aforementioned homeworks, preparations and all things needing to be done.

Took Dad to hospital to see Mum. She is poorly, at the minute, despite having made some wonderful progress from a Very Bad Thing that happened way back in August.

Took Dad home and made him dinner, at 9pm. He's still working on the mealtimes thing.

Came home. Boys in bed. I packed Mattman's PE bag and PC packed his sleeping bag and pillow for a relaxation time in school tomorrow. He has three big tests this month and school brings someone in to do candles and incense and the like to de-stress the poor souls. Mattman, however, appears less stressed than hugely excited at the prospect of candles and incense and our promised Subway lunches when he comes out of the tests.

November is racing by; I can hear it as it goes. It whistles softly in the wind sometimes very late at night, like now. I am not blogging daily this year, although I do miss that opportunity to savour every cold, clear, calm moment that November holds. I have finally worked out how to link to all the fabulous bloggistes who are blogging daily though. Do call round for tea and biscuits. MK might show you how to make a hat...


Pom Pom said...

Oh my! That is a VERY full day, Miss Mags!
I love the photo of your living quarters! It's so homey!

Jane and Chris said...

Hide the ironing board and wear wrinkled clothes, say you are 'doing your bit for the environment'...there's one less thing to worry about.
Take care of yourself...breathe deeply...we have snow.
Jane x

Kezzie said...

WOW!!! Busy!!!! I can't imagine how horrid it must feel having to get up in these grim mornings after such a long time not being at school! Hugs to ye!xxx

Kezzie said...

Oh and I love the modern art installation. We have a piece, obviously from the same art collection called 'Clothes horse covered in last week's washing'

M.K. said...

Ahh -- you're a sweetie, Mags, dear. Did not sell a single hat today, but sold many other yarnish things, which was a blessing.

Your days sound so very full, and (may i say it?) very exhausting to this 50 year old. How do you do it? I'm glad you and brother are taking this step. We have many elderly here, and it seems their personal matters with aging go so much more smoothly when they have caring children who have POA to help them. You are a good daughter.

amy danielle said...

Seems the busier we are, the faster everything seems to go by. I love hearing about your day. May you find the peace of Jesus, who lives within you, throughout the hectic days. Xo