Thursday, 25 July 2013

Catch up on Views from Windows and Escalators!

Two weeks ago we had views from the bank barn. If you have time to spend in the English Lake District and are unafeared of tiny bestioles, stay here!
 Door opening straight onto Brackenrigg Fell.
Barn. Idyllic, except for midges. Sigh. The winnowing window is the one on the left above the door to one of the lower studios. The owl perch is the top one on the right.
Last Thursday we were in an extremely hot London for the day, so had views from Harrods' Egyptian escalator...
Views from the Natural History Museum, though you can see why we didn't pay much attention to the windows...
And views from that escalator that takes you journeying to the centre of the earth and out again. Possibly my highlight there. I made them go through twice. It wasn't that scary.
And yes, once again, a solo respite stroll round Liberty's, where windows, balconies, woodwork and all within amount to a hugely spiritual experience in the midst of an action-packed holiday with mighty men!
We're home again, so normal and utterly monotonous Views from the Suburbs will hopefully join Jane on Thursdays. Ang is also running a Thursday feature- based on Edith Schaeffer's Hidden Art of Homemaking. She has kindly lent me her precious copy, and I have carefully already had to wipe jam off the back cover- don't tell her.... Inspired by Ang's exhortation to artful food presentation, I Shaefferized today's lunch to hide the fact that it was just a Mother Hubbard melee of left-over picnic from Tatton Park on Tuesday.
And so to today's view. Lots and lots of holiday laundry thankfully on the line to dry.  Jo repeats incessantly, "It's so good to be home!" I can't quite concur with the same enthusiasm. We had such a fabulous time away. Thank you, Ang and Bob, for looking after us on our last leg, and making that homeward haul so much easier. Pictures will follow- as will the BP experience!


Jane and Chris said...

Sorry...I'm at the 'barn'...can't drag myself away to see your artful lunch and colour coordinated washing.
Jane x

Pom Pom said...

Hi Mags! I'm so excited to view the BP experience through your eyes!
We have the same washing line look going here.

M.K. said...

Welcome home, dear Mags! I think your luncheon plates look delicious and delightful. Glad you ENJOYED your vacation -- so often they end up being tiring and tedious. You sound happy :)

Angela said...

We loved having you here.
Jam on book covers is quite OK [if it was too precious to be jammed, I would not have lent it!!] but please don't leave it on the table outside in the rain! xx

Angela said...

ps the fancy meal presentation definitely belies its 'leftovers' origins!!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Mags, I despise midges but I am also a whiner. Loved your pictures and would adore staying in that restored barn...what a lovely holiday.