Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Strawberries and Almonds 2012

We have had a fabulous weekend. Joint ingredients in a very sweet thing indeed! Saturday: morning coffee and cake, followed by lunch with tea and cake. Quick walk round sunny, sunny Belfast, then off to build Titanic. First walking with the workers in the streets of the late C19th city. Home for dinner, tea and cake.

Sunday: church, lunch in the garden with some (lots of) friends followed by an afternoon of coffee, cake, and deep discussion. Alternative venue hosted Cluedo tournament. Tour of murals and peace walls abandoned in favour of evening of reading, tea and cake.
Monday: traditionally mysterious happenings, more of this later in the week. Eventually off to inspect the new visitors' centre at the Giant's Causeway, and of course the stones themselves. Which have been controversially eclipsed by Hans Peter Kuhn's art installation "Flags".
We discovered that we were all erudite modern art critics, and discussed our conclusions with any volunteer who would listen- above we are on to our third and wondering if they will let us polish off the barbecue that had been laid on for the artist and the BBC.
No food (not even a sausage, Frances), but undaunted, Bob procured a TV and radio interview. Ang looks proudly on.
Soaked quite through by a rain storm that we had happily watched approach as we munched our picnic, we spent a significant part of the afternoon in a warm coffee shop with hot chocolate and cake, but the warm air enticed two thirds of the party into the water. One brave third didn't even need wet suits. Atlantic swimming- a rite of passage for visitors to Strawberry Land! Monday night was Hookery Jam for hookers and jammers alike. Thank you immensely to Heather Boss for setting that up x
Tuesday: trip to the Museum. Almonds did art and inspiration, strawberries did dinosaurs. And only then did poor Bob get his Ulster Fry.

Thank you, Almonds, for being such a highlight of our summer. Before the school experience filled our lives with homeworks and military timed days and action plans and worry, I believed that hospitality was a sign of the kingdom. It has been very good to rediscover the blessings of an open home and hearts spilling into it. Angela, you have now been to the Land of the (sometimes tearful) Strawberries twice in two years- here's the link for your hat-trick!


Jane and Chris said...

What a happy bubbly time for you all...thanks for letting us come along.
Jane x

Angela said...

Fabulous, fabulous time had by both of us. Delighted to announce that despite cake, cake and more cake [and fry] I have not put on ANY extra weight.

[strictly speaking I have been to NI twice on ONE year - so coming again in 9 months would make it May 2013 - Dates for 2013 Raceweek do not yet appear to have been announced. Keep me posted!! Will endeavour to have Bob's shoulder back to motorbiking readiness by then.]

much love x

Betty said...

Lovely to see pictures of everyone - looks like you all had quality time together. Betty

M.K. said...

What a lot to digest! Sounds like a full weekend. I do like that it included lots of tea and cake :) And the ocean!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

OH MY! I would LOVE to see Giant's day...

Fat Dormouse said...

I think it's interesting how these modern art installations can mean different things to different people - though I can't quite see how the installation meets what is in the official explanation. My favourite modern art is the one by Anthony Gormley on Crosby Beach: "Another Place". I love it...but I can't quite say why. Maybe I'll blog about it sometime.

I hope you will pop over to see me at Fat Dormouse getting Thinner ( and join in my Giveaway.