Thursday, 12 January 2012

Barra and the book of snow

This is Barra Best. He is our BBC weather man and I love his name. He did warn us, Jo. He did say that those who were hoping for another white Christmas would be disappointed.But we still are. One of us cries if the word itself is mentioned. Now, don't feel the need to burst our snowball. I believe that nothing divides us like snow. Not politics, gender, class or even our opinion of Cath Kidston. It's just that, in the immortal words of our Mick Inkpen, "Kipper was very positive about snow."
So instead of Amazoning times tables and time: the telling of, I am looking at all the lovely books about snow. Some I might even read.

But this one, this one we are reading night by breathtaking night. It's our snow dance. I think the fascinating author would approve...


Angela said...

OUR weather girl is called Sara BLIZZARD - honest!
I love Kipper*.
I enjoyed Miss Smilla, but have to wrap myself in a dressing gown and make a mug of hot chocolate when I read it.It's S-O-O-O cold!
* I also love Kippers

blessings to you and the suns x

Jane and Chris said...

We certainly do not need anyone here who can make snow..we have enough thank you!
Jane x

Scarlet said...

Ours is called Heather Stott- so we have 'Heather with the weather'.
Not even any frost here, so no chance of the white stuff.

Amy Danielle said...

I think you quite lost mt attention after coining the word "Amazoning." Yes, I do think I will be using that one myself, brilliant girl. :)

Wishing you some white this winter. {There's still time, no?}


The dB family said...

If it's any consolation, we had a green Christmas too. We still have had very little snow this winter. Have you seen the book, First Snow in the Woods by Carl R. Sams II and Jean Stoick? It's a beautiful photo book that we enjoy.