Monday, 3 October 2011

The third and by no means final chapter of The Chronicles of Ms Thrifty Thursday

Thrifty has been being thrifty, this being the Year of Living Small and all. She just hasn't been blogging about it, given the lurgy that has struck her woolly and flat!
When finally she sent her giveaway to the fabulous Betty the Wood Fairy, she re-used the box that had previously come from Princess Pom Pom, which pleased Thrifty immenesely, because obviously all the Pom sparkle and love went down the chain too!

Thrifty also has been experiencing the great delight of living large being a direct result of living small- one very small act on her part had huge and really very lovely consequences for a wonderful young woman, whose dad (Nedboy) appeared next day with a more huge bouquet. And another very small agreeing to help has resulted in almost daily deliveries of home-grown tomatoes and windfallen apples. Rumble crumble!

Also on the subject of seasonal harvest, Thrifty did some good old-fashioned bartering and exchanged one of her pots of damson jam for a pot of crab apple jelly. The satisfaction of this was immense!

All in all Angela's School of Thriftiness, was a source of great inspiration for the year ahead- these were wise woman of experience and good sense.  Thrifty does not promise to achieve so much, but will continue to emulate! Aided and abetted by Ms Efficiency Everyday with whom Thrifty has been going supermarket shopping and splitting Good Deals, and also sharing buttermilk to prevent waste. Happy sigh...


mise said...

Darina Allen makes buttermilk (or a buttermilk substitute) by adding lemon juice to milk and leaving it aside for a while. Would that be thrifty enough? I guess you could make the exact quantity needed, with no waste.

Angela said...

Sounds like you are getting the hang of this thriftiness after all!
The flowers are gorgeous - it is amazing how what often seems like a 'small agreeing to help' results in an amazingly large act of gratitude [Luke 6;38 etc]

Hopiung you have better health as the autumn progresses

Betty The Wood Fairy said...

Your box has been home to some of my silk paint bottles! so it is still being thrifty. Bettyx

Pom Pom said...

Hooray for you, Thrifty!
Those flowers are loverly!
Bravo for using the little box to send goods to Betty! Woo hoo!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Your thriftiness is quite inspiring! I make buttermilk by adding lemon juice to regular milk, too (see above comment). I am also thrifty, it turns out. Who knew?


The dB family said...

Does Ms. Thrifty give lessons? I could very much use some!


GretchenJoanna said...

For various reasons, I suppose, I have missed your blog posts in my feed, so much so that today I looked on my list to be sure you hadn't fallen off somehow! But you *are* there, so I caught up on Thrifty's adventures and cakes and whatnot.

Everything prompts me to do something of my own -- today I might bake some banana bread with all those ripe bananas stashed in the freezer, and then I will be joining you in thriftiness *and* cake-baking!

I borrowed Wind in the Willows from the library (because my kids took the family copies), the day I sprained my ankle, just so I could read what Mole experienced when he smelled his house. That might result in a tiny contribution to the Grand Tour theme of some of my favorite bloggers.

Thank you for being there, and for keeping on keeping on. <3