Sunday, 19 December 2010

Pausing on the Fourth Sunday in Advent

Since Elisabet was standing in front of a real Christmas nisse, she ran right up to him and felt his red cloak. Then he bent down and lifted her up on his arm. She tried to pull his beard to find out whether it was real, and it was.

'Why are you so kind?' she asked.

Ho, ho!' laughed the man in red again. 'The more we give away, the richer we become, and the more we keep for ourselves, the poorer we become. That's the mystery of generosity, neither more nor less. But it's the mystery of poverty too.'

The angel Impuriel clapped his hands. 'Well spoken, Bishop!'

-If you haven't already put The Christmas Mystery on your Amazon Wishlist, you'll not have the chance to be delighted by the pilgrims' arrival in Myra in 322AD on December 19th! Suns on edge of bunk beds and Dad creeping in from Carol Service to have an update in excited stereo. Very clever meeting of Bishop Nicholas and the Wise Men!

Schools still closed due to snow here, so the holidays appear to be starting! A Merry Wonder-filled Deep Down Tummy Love Christmas to you all, dear, inspiring, encouraging bloggistes! I have loved this year in Blogdom and look forward to the next! More Friday Cake Bakes, the rest of Alphabe-Thursday, and lots and lots of Pom Pom, Angela, Left-Handed, oh the wealth of it all! The mysterious generosity of you!

Love from all at the Land of the (sometimes tearful) Strawberries xxxxx


Pom Pom said...

I can just see you snuggled with the strawberries, reading this fun story! Oh my! Such snow! It was so warm here today that we hung the sheets on the line. I went to the grocery store with Kelli in short sleeves. Weird! It may get colder very quickly. It sometimes does.
I pray your week is WONDERFUL and full of all kinds of anticipation!

Gumbo Lily said...

It really sounds like an excellent book. I'll have to find it for next year. Thanks for sharing some of the details with us as you've read along.

Loved the snowmen! Let it snow!


Floss said...

Thank you, and YES it is on my wishlist and VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you all!

Angela said...

Thank you - it has been good to share friendship in Blogland. Ooh, and that's you outside the Pompidou Centre isn't it?? Happy holiday memories of that spot in 2006. Especially of the pair of trousers folded on the ground beside a sign which said [in french] "Back in 15 minutes" We waited...and waited...and nobody ever returned! I presume they were not still there when you visited recently!!

mle said...

What a delicious looking cake!! (just went to a concert at the IMA in Indianapolis where the original Robert Indiana LOVE statue resides)

& as for your reference of where to purchase The Christmas Mystery... remember that warehouse job I was talkin' about?! hahaha 55hr/wk on my feet are a killer (and MUCH more than I bargained for but it's the busy season, as they say)

have a blessed Christmas!!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Merry, wonderful, blessed Christmas to you, Mags! What a joy it's been getting to know you these last few months.


*✿*millie meadowsweet*✿* said...

your blog is such a wonderful, exciting, inspirational place to be.

shame i missed this beautiful cake

i am so loving the wind in the willows event and cannot wait for friday (though am still a bit nervous about my own contribution, esp. as i will be winging it as i can't find my copy).
all this has made me think about holding a millie-molly-mandy event on my blog in the near future.

thank you so much for all the fun xxx


p.s sorry about Mr Toad...i've got an awful feelling he hasn't finished with us yet and there may be some more shenanigans from him on my blog later in the week