Thursday, 30 July 2009

Happy Ever After

In the midst of washing yet more dishes, since the dishwasher is as yet out of action, and comtemplating the amount of chores yet to be tackled, and having spent some time sitting on the stool in a corner of the kitchen all the better to see you with, my four year old Jojo, in the midst of this, my personal, fairytale setting...

I did happen to remark to PC (Prince Charming) that in the land of fairytales there comes first the hard work and then the Happy Ever After Day.* But that in the land of tearful strawberries it would appear that first you have your Happy Ever After Day, and most splendid it was**, and then you get the hard work.

He seemed not altogether uplifted by this observation on my part, but did proceed to dry as I washed!

I imagine that I am not the first woman to meditate upon this irony of life, but it did cast a small saccharine aura of romance over the nightly grind!

* Happy Ever After Day translates as Wedding Day in this house. First coined when Mattman was very small and wondering at Mummy's princess dress in the photo on Nanny P's wall.

** Said Happy Ever After Day was ten and a half years ago now, but the rum pink skirt and matching veil are as precious now as then! And worth every minute on the corner stool...

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alice c said...

Welcome to Blogland! I wish you the fun and friendship that I have foud there. I can't promise that it will magic away the domestic chores but you will find people who can smile at them with you.